Some musician friends of mine, all unique on their own. You should give them a listen !


FKYPER is a German one-man music project by Philipp Schwetschenau, started in 2012. Hard guitar riffs from rock & metal music, synthesizers and effects from electronic dance music like dubstep and also classical sounds like the piano, strings or even a whole symphony orchestra. FKYPER tries to combine styles from very different genres to create a unique and outstanding mixture, which sometimes can be aggressive and raging, but also very emotive and thoughtful.

Science Teheran

Science Teheran. A music project by Vicente Bueso. He is interested in experimenting with new sounds and new ways. Compositions performed with piano and other instrumentations.

Mario F. Cobos

Music is like a chisel enhancing silence. I would like to share with you my calm piano pieces like small sculptures in time. Mario F. Cobos: Composer, pianist and founder of the radio station

Purple Rhapsody

Purple Rhapsody is one man, Terry Robinson. He's been creating music for more than 20 years but has only recently taken advantage of modern technology to actually get his music out there. The music ranges from solo piano to huge arrangements incorporating full orchestra, rock bands, epic percussion, and symphonic choirs!


Milana has captivated audiences since her first stage appearance in Ottawa in 2012 at "The Great Canadian Song Search" contest. A strong lyricist and composer in her own right, Milana's style is reminiscent of Tori Amos and Sarah McLachlan. An accomplished pianist, vocalist and music school graduate, Milana enjoys playing by ear, improvising and using whatever inspires her to create her own style of playing

Carlos Márquez

Carlos Márquez, pianist, is based in Phoenix, USA. Márquez is an internationally awarded recording artist who is at home with classical and modern repertoire.


Needless to tell something about II'ya Beshevli.... Future will surely bring a lot of news about this young talented composer from russia. See yourself and enjoy

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